Workbooks פרשת לך לך



  • A companion חומש to the L’Shon HaTorah Workbooks to facilitate application of the skills leaned in the Workbooks to the learning of חומש.
  • Contains three sections:
    1. Linear translation that dissects each word allowing the reader to see how the translation was derived
    2. Worksheets focusing on retention of Shoroshim learned
    3. חומש פרי מגדים – the חומש text with outlined prefixes and suffixes
  • In section 1, each פרק is preceded by a comprehensive list of all new words appearing in that פרק.
  • Recommended for all ages

חומש פרי מגדים
Lech Lecho א ISBN: 1-888525-06-1
Lech Lecho ב ISBN: 1-888525-07-X