What is the L’Shon Hatorah Learning Program?
The L’shon Hatorah series is designed to aid in the teaching of the fundamentals of Hebrew Grammar and basic vocabulary. The goal of these workbooks is for the student to develop the requisite skills necessary to be able to translate with accuracy and fluency.

By familiarizing the student with the meanings of the prefixes and suffixes found in most Hebrew words, he will be able to decipher even the most complex words within a relatively short period of time.

Learning all of the various prefixes and suffixes can be overwhelming! L’shon Hatorah simplifies this task by employing a concise formulization of all the prefixes and suffixes in a systematic step by step method that will make both the teaching and the learning easier and more enjoyable.

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The L’Shon Hatorah Learning Program Features
Six workbooks – including answer keys – encompassing a step-by-step approach to undrstanding word structure

Fifteen titles covering skill building in a variety of areas

Endorsed by Gadolim and leading educators

NYSTL – approved

Train-the-trainer workshops

E-mail and telphone support

Wide range of classroom materials (posters, flash cards, etc.)

Available in English or Yiddish

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